Innocent Spouse Defense

Stuck With A Tax Bill Because of Your Spouse?  Relief Is Available!

Many spouses who go through divorce often have to deal with an outrageous burden never anticipated – a tax bill for their ex-husband or ex-wife.  Because most married couples file joint returns, each spouse is liable for all of the taxes.  If the IRS comes back three years later and determines ones of the spouses didn’t report all of his income on a return the couple filed jointly, the IRS will pursue both spouses for payment.

Consider a fictional example.  Bob and Carol filed joint returns while married.  Bob ran a business and supported the family, and Carol worked part time and took care of the kids at home.  After Bob and Carol separated and divorced, the IRS audited their joint return and discovered income Bob didn’t report.  The IRS has come after Carol and threatened to take her paycheck, even though she is a single mom with inadequate support.

These type of cases happen frequently.  Whether it’s the husband or the wife who didn’t claim all their income, the IRS will try to levy on the other spouse’s bank account or take wages.

If the IRS is coming after you for your spouse’s tax debt, call the Bankruptcy and Tax Law Center.

Congress has made it easier than ever to obtain relief through the Innocent Spouse provisions. To qualify for Innocent Spouse relief, you must show that your spouse owes the tax and that you had no knowledge or reason to know there was an understatement on the return.  In addition, you must demonstrate that it would be inequitable, or unfair, to hold you liable for the tax.  Finally, you only have two years after the IRS begins collection activity to request relief.

Don’t needlessly become a victim of the IRS.  Call the Bankruptcy and Tax Law Center at 1-800-TAX(829)-6183 or fill out our Contact Form to learn whether you qualify for Innocent Spouse relief.