The Bankruptcy Process

Although all cases differ, all cases share certain events.  In a straightforward Chapter 7 case, our clients typically spend about 4.5 hours over a four month period to obtain a Discharge and wipe out their debts.  In a Chapter 13 the Plan must be completed to receive a Discharge.

After a FREE consultation and your decision to proceed with filing, most of the time will be spent filling out an online, simple questionnaire where you will  list your debts, assets, financial transactions, and other pertinent information.  The questionnaire usually takes about 45 minutes.

Based upon the questionnaire, our law office will prepare the bankruptcy petition, schedules, and other forms.  Before we can file, you must complete a one-session, online credit counseling course, taking less than an hour.

Upon receipt of the Petition and Schedules, the court’s clerk assigns your case to a bankruptcy trustee, usually an attorney who represents the U.S. Trustee’s office.  The trustee will oversee your case.  You will have to attend a brief meeting of creditors (ironically in most cases no creditors show up).  In a Chapter 7, once you meet a few other simple requirements, you will receive a Discharge.   In a Chapter 13, you must complete the Plan to obtain a Discharge.

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