Bankruptcy FAQs

Answers to Your Questions

Because every case is different, we have to state at the outset that the answers found below do not constitute legal advice. Always speak to an experienced bankruptcy attorney to get advice specifically tailored for you before taking any action. To learn more, contact us. Call 443-472-4101.

For most people, bankruptcy is complicated and confusing; as attorneys, we use the law like a toolbox to choose the right solution to wipe out your debts and give you a Fresh Start. To help answer your questions, we have divided our answers into general categories. Click on the category question link to read about each question under that category.

Is Bankruptcy the Right Step?

What will bankruptcy do for me?
What does “Automatic Stay” mean?
Does the Automatic Stay apply in every situation?
Will my credit score decrease after filing?
If I file but my spouse does not, what happens to my spouse? What about someone who co-signs on my debt?

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What Should I Know About the Process?

Can I pay the attorney fees to you over time?
How often can I file bankruptcy?
How long will my bankruptcy last?
Who lets my creditors know I filed bankruptcy?
How do I deal with alimony or child support?
How do I deal with student loans?
How do I deal with taxes?
What is the Meeting of Creditors?
What will a bankruptcy Discharge do for me?

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What Will Happen to my Assets?

My house is scheduled for foreclosure – what should I do?
In a Chapter 7, will I lose my house or car?
My house and car payments are too much for me – can you help?
Can I walk away from my house or car through bankruptcy?
Are my retirement accounts and Social Security protected in bankruptcy?
Will filing bankruptcy stop garnishments?

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What Do I Need To Know Once I File?

How do I handle creditors who call after I file?
Should I file my taxes during bankruptcy?
Do I keep making my monthly payments related to my home – mortgage, equity line, real property taxes, homeowners insurance and homeowner association dues – after filing bankruptcy?
How do I deal with my mortgage lender in bankruptcy?
What is a reaffirmation agreement?

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I’ve Filed and Life Happened – Now What?

I fell behind on my mortgage payments. Now what?
Can I refinance my house?
Can I sell my house or car?
What if my income drops because I lose my job or cannot work?
I fell behind on child support or alimony. Now what?
Can I convert to a different Chapter of bankruptcy?

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