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Good People Can Have Tough Financial and Tax Problems

Murray Singerman, JD, LLM, has solved financial and tax problems with high quality, yet affordable service for over twenty years.  We proudly serve Maryland, including Howard, Montgomery, Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Frederick and Prince George’s County.  Our firm understands that bad things happen to good people.  We represent clients using a full arsenal of tried and tested legal solutions to overcome financial and tax debt hardship.


You’re Not The Only Good Person Struggling with Financial and Tax Problems.
It is counter-productive to blame yourself for financial or tax problems.  It does not help to feel guilty and depressed.  We recognize that tough situations cause many people to stumble.  Whether it’s illness, divorce, or a failed business, life’s challenges often cause good people to experience financial and tax problems.  At the Bankruptcy and Tax Law Center, our attorneys work hard to create a better future for our clients. We view debt and back taxes as a problem to solve, a temporary stumbling block that can be removed, so you can get a Fresh Start.

Deal with your debt and tax problems now.
Aggressive creditors and tax collectors for the IRS and State can turn your life into a nightmare by seizing your bank accounts, your wages, all your property.  To protect yourself and your family from judgments, garnishments, and other seizures, put the full power of the law on your side.  Only an experienced, tough lawyer can defend you using all the protections afforded by our legal system. Stop the intimidating notices and telephone calls.  End the sleepless nights.  Solve your financial and tax problems today.

Call Now. If you feel overwhelmed, confused, worried, or under siege, call today to get your life back on track.  As bankruptcy and tax lawyers, we answer the hard questions and develop the best possible strategy to resolve your problems.  A Fresh Start awaits you.

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